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"My son got a 100 on his spelling test today. This was accomplished solely using SpellQuizzer. He had fun using it late into the night. Usually there's screaming, crying and fits thrown learning the words. Thank you so much for lowering my stress level!!!"
- Angelia Davenport,
  mother of 5th grade boy

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SpellQuizzer Affiliate Program

Do you have a blog or website? Do you publish an online or email newsletter? You can earn extra money by referring people to our web site. Our affiliate program is easy to join and requires little work on your part to implement.

How it works (three easy steps)

  1. Contact us to let us know you would like to be a SpellQuizzer affiliate. Give us your full name, your web site name and URL (or the name of and information about your newsletter if you will be referring customers from a newsletter), and some background information on how long your site or newsletter has been around and what subjects they cover, and any questions you have.

  2. Once accepted as an affiliate, you will be given an affiliate ID code that you can use to refer customers to SpellQuizzer.com. You can refer people to any page on our site using your affiliate code such as below:


    You would replace the abc with your affiliate ID code. We will use this code to track customers you refer and to identify when a purchase is made by someone you sent to us. Examples of how to use the link on web sites and in emails will be provided, including link images you can use such as those below. Simply add the affiliate links to your web site or electronic newsletter to start referring people.

  3. The first week of each month we will total up the sales to people you referred to us and send you your commission via PayPal. If you prefer to receive payment by a different medium let us know and we'll work with you.

How much you are paid

Your commission will be a percentage of each sale you refer. Our commission rates start at 20% and go up from there to a maximum of 40%. Affiliates who send us more customers can have their commission rate increased (up to 40%). Commissions are based on the base price paid for SpellQuizzer and do not include shipping and handling for customers who purchase CDs. So, if your rate were 20% you would receive $5.99 for each $29.95 purchase by a customer you refer to us.

How we track affiliate purchases

We track purchases from affiliate referrals two ways. First, when someone clicks on a link containing your affiliate code, a cookie with your affiliate code is stored on his or her computer. When a user completes a purchase that cookie is read. If a cookie with your affiliate code is found, credit for the purchase goes to you. This works whether the customer makes the visit immediately after being referred to our site or if they return to the site later (within 60 days).

Cookie tracking works for the vast majority of visitors to our site. However, because some visitors may have cookies disabled or may delete their cookies after you refer them to our site, we have a second way of tracking orders. When a customer completes an order they are asked to complete a brief customer survey that asks how they found SpellQuizzer. If a customer gives you or your site as the referral source you get the commission on that sale. If a customer does not complete a survey within 24 hours of their purchase a second email request is sent to them asking how they were referred to our site.

Link images you can use

Affiliates can use the following images as link buttons. We ask that you copy the images to your own server rather than linking to them here. If you are an artist and would like to design your own banners or images for promoting SpellQuizzer please
let us know. If we like your work and you are willing to allow other affiliates to use the link images you create we will give you our maximum commission rate.

120 x 240

150 x 150

125 x 125

120 x 120

180 x 80

110 x 80

120 x 120

125 x 125

125 x 125


If you have any questions about our affiliate system please contact us. We promise to get right back to you! Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for our affiliates to earn money by referring customers to us. If it doesn't work for you it won't work for us!