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3rd grade spelling lists free download

The following SpellQuizzer 3rd grade spelling lists were recorded based on the Houghton Mifflin Spelling and Vocabulary curriculum. We plan on compiling more spelling lists for the other grade levels of the Houghton Mifflin Spelling and Vocabulary curriculum.

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3rd Grade Spelling Lists
(from the Houghton Mifflin Spelling and Vocabulary: Level 3® curriculum)
  Unit 1 Spelling Words   Unit 2 Spelling Words   Unit 3 Spelling Words   Unit 4 Spelling Words
  Unit 5 Spelling Words   Unit 7 Spelling Words   Unit 8 Spelling Words   Unit 9 Spelling Words
  Unit 10 Spelling Words   Unit 11 Spelling Words   Unit 13 Spelling Words   Unit 14 Spelling Words
  Unit 15 Spelling Words   Unit 16 Spelling Words   Unit 17 Spelling Words   Unit 19 Spelling Words
  Unit 20 Spelling Words   Unit 21 Spelling Words   Unit 22 Spelling Words   Unit 23 Spelling Words
  Unit 25 Spelling Words   Unit 26 Spelling Words   Unit 27 Spelling Words   Unit 28 Spelling Words
  Unit 29 Spelling Words   Unit 31 Spelling Words   Unit 32 Spelling Words   Unit 33 Spelling Words
  Unit 34 Spelling Words   Unit 35 Spelling Words All Spelling Lists Combined

Below are the words from each list by unit:

Unit 1 Spelling Words
mix milk smell last head friend class left
thick send thin stick step dish empty crisp

Unit 2 Spelling Words
pond luck drop lot rub does drum sock
hunt crop shut front spot much dodge crumb

Unit 3 Spelling Words
smoke huge save life wide come mine grade
smile note cube love side hope escape explode

Unit 4 Spelling Words
paint clay feel leave neighbor eight seem speak
paid lay need weigh green play easel crayon

Unit 5 Spelling Words
coach blow float hold sew though sold soap
row own both most cold slow shallow program

Unit 7 Spelling Words
spring throw strong three straight scream stream spray
screen street spread string glad start strength struggle

Unit 8 Spelling Words
wild bright die sight child pie fight lie
tight tie might mind find night lilac delight

Unit 9 Spelling Words
clown crowd round sound bow would loud ground
crown count cloud mouth town out bounce sprout

Unit 10 Spelling Words
lawn raw cloth talk straw almost soft also
wall law walk cost saw small scald flaw

Unit 11 Spelling Words
knee scratch patch wrap knot wrong watch knife
write knock match know catch two stretcher knuckle

Unit 13 Spelling Words
storm clear dark star fourth door smart art
near north ear March hard short tornado argue

Unit 14 Spelling Words
girl turn first her were work hurt bird
word third dirt serve any been perfect sturdy

Unit 15 Spelling Words
coin soil noise boy oil toy spoil point
boil join joy foil are give moist destroy

Unit 16 Spelling Words
jump stage gym large jeans judge page jar
age June orange giraffe job brother plunge courage

Unit 17 Spelling Words
park queen skin picnic quick school quart week
quit squeeze second crack black coat insect freckles

Unit 19 Spelling Words
hair care chair pair bear where scare air
pear bare fair share buy could flair compare

Unit 20 Spelling Words
hear here new knew its it's our hour
there their they're eye I seen scene  

Unit 21 Spelling Words
airplane inside grandmother sometimes himself nothing birthday herself
outside grandfather baseball something someone cannot suitcase everybody

Unit 22 Spelling Words
chopped tapping saving cared rubbed fixing smiled joking
dropped grinning wrapped patted making stopped propped framed

Unit 23 Spelling Words
babies puppies cried carried stories dried hurried ponies
flies tried parties pennies lady very canaries libraries

Unit 25 Spelling Words
unfair unhappy rewrite unkind remake untie unlike unclear
unhurt retell unwrap reuse do have unimportant review

Unit 26 Spelling Words
teacher friendly useful careful slowly helper quickly farmer
hopeful singer thankful sadly of said listener calmly

Unit 27 Spelling Words
invite Monday enjoy until forget napkin window Sunday
garden market basket order after under expect wisdom

Unit 28 Spelling Words
rabbit sudden follow happen butter lesson dollar button
pretty hello letter yellow funny better stubborn effort

Unit 29 Spelling Words
place city center circle nice once dance circus
face certain pencil space same house concert entrance

Unit 31 Spelling Words
tooth chew grew cook shoe blue boot flew
shook balloon drew spoon good soon loose crooked

Unit 32 Spelling Words
caught thought bought laugh through enough fought daughter
taught brought ought cough teeth was sought naughty

Unit 33 Spelling Words
summer winter little October travel color apple able
November ever later purple flower people thermometer icicle

Unit 34 Spelling Words
begin again around before away about alive because
ahead between behind ago they want among beyond

Unit 35 Spelling Words
I'm he's aren't couldn't won't o'clock wouldn't weren't
she's wasn't I'd shouldn't can't isn't let's who's

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