Spelling Bee preparation tips for English Words from Asian Languages

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Spelling tips for Words from Asian Languages:

The following spelling tips come from Merriam-Webster's Spell It! spelling bee preparation list for Words from Asian Languages. These spelling tips apply specifically to the Spelling Bee Practice: Words From Asian Languages spelling list for SpellQuizzer:
"Most of the words from various Asian languages were introduced into English by people who spoke English. Therefore, if you aren't familiar with a word and don't know any rules for spelling words from its language of origin, as a last resort you might try spelling it the way a speaker of English who is an untrained speller would spell it. In other words, use the letters you would use if the spelling were completely up to you!"

"Another approach that is sometimes useful is to spell a borrowed word or part of a borrowed word in the way that an English word you already know with similar sounds is spelled. This approach would work for spelling mongoose, for example."
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