Spelling Bee Words for National Spelling Bee Practice

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Spelling bee practice list: Words from Latin

The list below is based on the Merriam-Webster Spell It! spelling bee preparation list for English words from Latin. Use this spelling bee word list along with our other spelling bee preparation lists for any of the following:
  • Class spelling bee practice
  • School spelling bee practice
  • County spelling bee practice
  • State spelling bee preparation
  • National Spelling Bee preparation.
  • General spelling improvement
  • Expanding vocabulary
The spelling bee word list below is comprised of 144 English words from Latin. To use the spelling bee words below you need to import the downloaded spelling bee word list into SpellQuizzer. If you don't have SpellQuizzer you can click here to download the free 30 day trial. For instructions on how to download and import the following spelling lists into SpellQuizzer click here. You also might want to check out our Spelling Tips for Latin Based Words page for helpful spelling tips.

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Note: You will need version 1.3.1 or later of SpellQuizzer to import this list. If you have an earlier version select "Check for Program Updates" from the SpellQuizzer Help menu to update to the latest version.

Once you have imported the above spelling bee words into SpellQuizzer simply click the "Quiz me on a list!" button on SpellQuizzer's main screen. You will need to have your computer's speakers turned on so that you can hear the sound recordings of the spelling bee words.

You can view a video demonstration of taking a spelling quiz with SpellQuizzer by clicking here.

Below are the spelling bee words from the Merriam-Webster Spell It! "Words from Latin" National Spelling Bee preparation list and which are contained in the above downloadable spelling list for SpellQuizzer:

Words from Latin Spelling Bee List (144 spelling bee words)
abdicate access accommodate adjacent affinity
aggregate alleviate alliteration ambiguity ambivalent
ameliorate amicable animosity aquatic bellicose
belligerent benefactor benevolent bugle canary
candidate canine capitulation Capricorn carnivore
cognition colloquial commensurate condolences confidence
conjecture consensus contiguous corporal corpuscle
credentials credible crescent current curriculum
dejected diary discern discipline dissect
ductile efficacy egregious electoral erudite
exacerbate exuberant facetious fastidious femininity
fidelity filament foliate formidable gradient
gregarious herbivore humble igneous imperative
impetuous implement inane incorruptible incredulous
incriminate indigenous infinitesimal ingenious innate
innocuous insidious interrupt intractable jovial
library lucid lunatic magnanimous measure
mediocre mercurial message meticulous nasal
necessary obsequious obstinate ominous omnipotent
omnivorous opera ostentatious participant patina
percolate perennial perfidy pernicious plausible
popularity postmortem precipice precipitate precocious
predicate prerogative prescription primal prodigal
prosaic prosecute providence recalcitrant refugee
relevant renovate reptile retrospective ridiculous
rupture simile soliloquy spectrum strict
subterfuge susceptible temporal tertiary trajectory
transect triumvirate ubiquitous unity ventilate
vernacular visceral vivisection vulnerable  

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