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"My son got a 100 on his spelling test today. This was accomplished solely using SpellQuizzer. He had fun using it late into the night. Usually there's screaming, crying and fits thrown learning the words. Thank you so much for lowering my stress level!!!"
- Angelia Davenport,
  mother of 5th grade boy

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Download free spelling lists by grade

Below is a list of free spelling lists we have compiled and made available for free. To use the lists you need to import them into SpellQuizzer. If you don't have SpellQuizzer you can click here to download the free 30 day trial. Click here for instructions on how to import the free spelling list(s) into SpellQuizzer.

You can hover your mouse over each link in the list below to see which spelling words are contained in the each spelling list.

First grade spelling words Second grade spelling words Third grade spelling words
Fourth grade spelling words Fifth grade spelling words Sixth grade spelling words
Seventh grade spelling words Eighth grade spelling words

Once you have imported the spelling list(s) you wish to use into SpellQuizzer simply click the "Quiz me on a list!" button on SpellQuizzer's main screen. You will need to have your computer's speakers turned on so that you can hear the sound recordings of the spelling words.

Each spelling list above contains 10 spelling words appropriate to the indicated grade level. You can view a video demonstration of taking a spelling quiz in SpellQuizzer by clicking here.

Below are the sample spelling words from each list by grade:

1st Grade Spelling Words List
bed big cat feed fun
hop make met ride rode

2nd Grade Spelling Words List
book break clock could dishes
jump mud spring watching when

3rd Grade Spelling Words List
coach coat dream finish friends
idea math pencil smell smiling

4th Grade Spelling Words List
kitchen money opening pocket pond
scream smallest supper thumb vacation

5th Grade Spelling Words List
arrest batteries brain heavy knowledge
problem school spider strong want

6th Grade Spelling Words List
attitude ceiling chilly guidance included
interfering lemonade millionaire's neighborhood poetry

7th Grade Spelling Words List
approximately chameleon completely mathematics panicked
participation penguin recognition stationery torpedoes

8th Grade Spelling Words List
catastrophe embarrassment environment graduation heroism
hydrant negotiate pistachios subterranean tremendous

You can find more downloadable spelling lists for SpellQuizzer at our online spelling lists page.