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- Angelia Davenport,
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5th grade spelling lists free download

The following SpellQuizzer 5th grade spelling lists were recorded based on the Houghton Mifflin Spelling and Vocabulary curriculum. We plan on compiling more spelling lists for the other grade levels of the Houghton Mifflin Spelling and Vocabulary curriculum.

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5th Grade Spelling Lists
(from the Houghton Mifflin Spelling and Vocabulary: Level 5® curriculum)
  Unit 1 Spelling Words: Short Vowels Unit 19 Spelling Words: VCV Pattern
  Unit 2 Spelling Words: Spelling |ā| and |ē| Unit 20 Spelling Words: Words with -ed or -ing
  Unit 3 Spelling |ī| and |ō| Unit 21 Spelling Words: More words with -ed or -ing
  Unit 4 Spelling Words: Spelling |ōō| and |yōō| Unit 22 Spelling Words: Words with Suffixes
  Unit 5 Spelling Words: Spelling |ou|, |ô|, and |oi| Unit 23 Spelling Words: Final |n| or |eə|, |chər|, |zhər|
  Unit 7 Spelling Words: Spelling |ôr|, |âr|, and |är| Unit 25 Spelling Words: Final , |ĭj|, |ĭv|, and |ĭs|
  Unit 8 Spelling Words: Spelling |ûrr| and |îr| Unit 26 Spelling Words: Spelling Unstressed Syllables
  Unit 9 Spelling Words: Compound Words Unit 27 Spelling Words: Words with Prefixes
  Unit 10 Spelling Words: Homophones Unit 28 Spelling Words: Changing Final y to i
  Unit 11 Spelling Words: Final |ər| Unit 29 Spelling Words: Adding -ion
  Unit 13 Spelling Words: More Compound Words Unit 31 Spelling Words: More Words with -ion
  Unit 14 Spelling Words: Final |l| or |əl| Unit 32 Spelling Words: More Words with Prefixes
  Unit 15 Spelling Words: VCCV Pattern Unit 33 Spelling Words: Suffixes -ent, -ant; -able, -ible
  Unit 16 Spelling Words: VCCCV Pattern Unit 34 Spelling Words: Three-Syllable Words
  Unit 17 Spelling Words: VV Pattern Unit 35 Spelling Words: Three-Syllable Words
  All Spelling Lists Combined

Below are the words from each list by unit:

Unit 1 Spelling Words
bunk staff dock slept mist
bunch swift stuck breath tough
fond crush grasp dwell fund
ditch split swept deaf rough
trunk skill track fresh odd
trek knapsack summit rustic mascot

Unit 2 Spelling Words
speech greet claim stray brain
deal male raise leaf thief
lease laid waist praise beast
stain seal sway fleet niece
free gray least safe gain
candidate succeed campaign nominate cease

Unit 3 Spelling Words
strike thrown stole boast sign
stroll thigh height dough owe
loaf stroke growth stride code
slope hose mild flow slight
twice goal broke shown sigh
opponent sacrifice site plight reproach

Unit 4 Spelling Words
clue proof cruise choose rule
troop dew route view lose
duke mood scoop mule youth
bruise loose rude loop flute
shoot true group fruit blew
subdue pursuit presume accuse intrude

Unit 5 Spelling Words
hawk claw bald tower stalk
prowl loyal pause moist ounce
launch royal scowl haunt joint
coward fawn thousand drown fault
south dawn false cause howl
grouse poise loiter somersault awkward

Unit 7 Spelling Words
hare scar torch soar harsh
sore lord flair warn floor
tore lair snare carve bore
fare cork barge flare rare
horse sharp square stairs board
folklore unicorn ordeal marvelous hoard

Unit 8 Spelling Words
smear germ blur peer stir
squirm nerve early worth pier
thirst burnt rear term steer
pearl squirt stern hurl worse
learn curve world firm year
interpret yearn emerge dreary career

Unit 9 Spelling Words
basketball wheelchair cheerleader newscast weekend
everybody up-to-date grandparent first aid wildlife
highway daytime whoever test tube turnpike
shipyard homemade household salesperson brother-in-law
afternoon ninety-nine everywhere all right breakfast
extraordinary self-assured quick-witted limelight junior high school

Unit 10 Spelling Words
poll pole main mane sole
soul hall haul peace piece
loan lone heal heel flea
flee pore pour berry bury
wait weight meet meat canvass
canvas stationary stationery    

Unit 11 Spelling Words
theater actor mirror powder humor
anger banner pillar major thunder
flavor finger mayor polar clover
burglar tractor matter lunar quarter
enter honor answer collar doctor
character clamor tremor scholar chamber

Unit 13 Spelling Words
firecracker sweetheart touchdown post office classmate
baby-sit flashlight grapefruit holiday welfare
warehouse chalkboard worthwhile watermelon throughout
furthermore whereabouts masterpiece great-grandchild part of speech
airport homesick seat belt make-believe however
starry-eyed high-spirited awestruck outspoken halfhearted

Unit 14 Spelling Words
jewel sparkle angle shovel single
normal angel legal whistle fossil
puzzle bushel local gentle level
label pedal ankle needle devil
simple special metal nickel double
mineral artificial vital neutral kernel

Unit 15 Spelling Words
traffic permit witness collect tunnel
perhaps pattern object million arrive
barrel furnish shoulder velvet effort
sorrow essay empire publish subject
arrow corner person mistake bottom
collide exceed trespass option sincere

Unit 16 Spelling Words
district address complain explain improve
farther simply hundred although laughter
mischief complex partner orphan constant
dolphin employ sandwich monster orchard
empty hungry handsome distrust illness
Congress abstain conscience function extreme

Unit 17 Spelling Words
poem idea create diary area
giant usual radio cruel quiet
diet liar fuel riot dial
lion ruin trial rodeo science
title listen wrote finish music
appreciate variety enthusiastic mosaic eventually

Unit 19 Spelling Words
robot behave repeat rapid detail
equal value nation evil closet
camel adore tulip credit aware
vanish shadow prefer record novel
human model basic amaze total
logic laser device module nuisance

Unit 20 Spelling Words
directing amusing delivered attending offered
rising deserved supported borrowed freezing
awaiting collapsed providing sheltered resulting
arrested damaged seeking squeezing decided
dancing landed dared traced checking
rehearsing portraying dramatized anticipated entertaining

Unit 21 Spelling Words
whipped skimmed dripped covered gathering
bragging visiting planned winning mixed
stunned hitting begged shipped ordered
slammed swimming suffering wandered spotted
flipped rubbing snapping dimmed stripped
catering shredded layered scalloped whirred

Unit 22 Spelling Words
dreadful enjoyment safely watchful speechless
paleness breathless government cheerful actively
closeness lately goodness retirement forgetful
basement softness delightful settlement countless
fearful movement careless lonely powerful
suspenseful suspiciously defenseless seriousness contentment

Unit 23 Spelling Words
mountain treasure culture fountain creature
captain future adventure moisture surgeon
lecture curtain pasture measure fixture
feature furniture pleasure mixture luncheon
nature picture capture bridge climb
departure leisure architecture texture villain

Unit 25 Spelling Words
voyage baggage luggage native language
postage notice creative practice knowledge
captive average justice bandage message
service shortage passage detective relative
village package manage cottage marriage
heritage cooperative apprentice superlative primitive

Unit 26 Spelling Words
pilgrim worship forbid distance hidden
repair dozen destroy carrot entry
wisdom crystal respond program solid
salute spinach ashamed blossom neglect
harvest honest allow whether middle
refuge charter somber exert adapt

Unit 27 Spelling Words
pilgrim worship forbid distance hidden
repair dozen destroy carrot entry
wisdom crystal respond program solid
salute spinach ashamed blossom neglect
harvest honest allow whether middle
refuge charter somber exert adapt

Unit 28 Spelling Words
liberties victories countries spied enemies
armies scariest dirtier happiness abilities
pitied ladies busier duties lilies
worthiness tiniest emptiness replies dizziness
cities easier families studied angriest
unified levied colonies rivalries strategies

Unit 29 Spelling Words
televise television act action regulate
regulation locate location elect election
react reaction tense tension populate
population convict conviction correct correction
camera movie famous minute question
animate animation fascinate fascination  

Unit 31 Spelling Words
pollute pollution protect protection inspect
inspection impress impression migrate migration
promote promotion imitate imitation decorate
decoration confess confession express expression
garbage health dirty ocean awful
contaminate contamination irritate irritation  

Unit 32 Spelling Words
propose convince concern enforce compare
excuse conduct preserve contain excite
extend prefix engage pronoun consist
enclose consent proverb compound exchange
compose exact exit common expert
enactment procedure convene preamble concise

Unit 33 Spelling Words
fashionable comfortable different suitable merchant
profitable student possible resident terrible
absent vacant servant valuable accident
horrible honorable reasonable remarkable laughable
current important moment silent parent
elegant prominent extravagant durable reversible

Unit 34 Spelling Words
wilderness vacation president popular memory
monument educate general regular avenue
canary potato energy deposit period
industry uniform condition romantic attention
beautiful remember library another enemy
majestic reverence astonish stimulate obvious

Unit 35 Spelling Words
champion stadium history dangerous slippery
favorite personal continue division apartment
violet emotion typical imagine grocery
consider property festival companion sensitive
magazine together yesterday tomorrow hospital
Olympics muscular amateur spectator ovation

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