SpellQuizzer Introduction

Thank you for trying SpellQuizzer! A great many hours of development have gone into this software and it is our sincere hope that it will make a dramatic difference in both your child's spelling grades as well as in the process of learning to spell in general.

What is SpellQuizzer?
SpellQuizzer was developed by a father of two elementary school children. It was originally made to assist the developer's children in mastering their weekly spelling lists. In a short time his children were getting perfect scores on their spelling tests at school. It is our sincere belief that SpellQuizzer can do the same for your child or student.

What can SpellQuizzer can do for you?
Helping a child learn their spelling words can be a tedious task for both the student and teacher. It involves daily sessions of reciting the spelling words one a time, having the student write them down and then checking the spelling for accuracy. SpellQuizzer automates this process so that the student can work at their own pace without requiring that the teacher or parent stand over them reading their words out over and over. Learning spelling lists is faster and easier for students with SpellQuizzer.

How do you use it?
With SpellQuizzer the teacher or parent can create a student's spelling list in minutes making audio recordings of the words which the SpellQuizzer will play back to the student when they are quizzed. When the student uses the software SpellQuizzer walks them through their spelling list by playing each word's sound recording and displaying a reminder phrase for each word. The student types in each word as they are quizzed. When a word is spelled incorrectly the SpellQuizzer corrects the student displaying the correct spelling of the word. Once the student has completed the list SpellQuizzer either congratulates them (if they entered all the words correctly) or re-quizzes them on the words they missed. It takes only minutes a day for a typical student to master their weekly spelling list using SpellQuizzer.

To begin using SpellQuizzer see the Getting Started help topic.