Taking a Quiz

Once a spelling list has been created students can use SpellQuizzer to practice spelling the words in the list. To do this a student clicks the "Quiz me on a list!" button on SpellQuizzer's main screen. The Select List screen is displayed showing available spelling lists to choose from. Clicking on the appropriate option button sorts the lists by list name or by the date each list was created. The sort can also be reversed by clicking the "Reverse Sort Order" button. Simply select a spelling list and click the OK button.

Once the student selects a list to be quizzed on the List Quiz screen is displayed. On this screen the student is quizzed on each word in the spelling list one at a time. The words are presented in the order they appear in the spelling list unless the "Randomize list when testing" box was checked on the Create List screen when the list was created or last edited. If a reminder phrase was included with the word when the list was created then the reminder phrase will be displayed on the screen. If a sound recording was created when the word was added to the list then the student can click the "Play Word" button to listen to the recording. Once the student has typed in the word they can hit the Enter key or click the "Check Spelling" button to see if they got it right. If they did not spell the word correctly a message is displayed showing them the correct spelling of the word. The Quiz screen then moves on to the next word on the list.

Once the student has been quizzed on all the words on the list SpellQuizzer displays the results of the quiz. If the user spelled every word on the list correctly a "Woo Hoo!" sound is played and they are congratulated on a perfect quiz and are asked if they want to start over to practice the list again. If the user spelled one or more words in the list incorrectly then SpellQuizzer displays the number wrong and offers to let them try again on just the ones they missed. It repeats this cycle until the student has correctly spelled each word in the spelling list.

The student can exit a quiz at any time by clicking the "Quit This Test" button.