Importing a Spelling List

SpellQuizzer can export selected spelling lists for other SpellQuizzer users to import. This makes sharing spelling lists with other SpellQuizzer users easy. For instance, teachers can export lists and then make them available to the parents of the different students in their class. You can only import spelling lists that were created using SpellQuizzer.

To import one or more spelling lists from a SpellQuizzer export file click the "Import spelling lists" button on the SpellQuizzer main screen. This will bring up the Import List(s) Screen. On this screen you first identify the exported SpellQuizzer file that you wish to import lists from. Click the "File to import lists from..." button to locate and select the SpellQuizzer export file you wish to import from. Once you have specified the file a list of available lists will be displayed. You can import one, some or all of the lists in the export file. Check the box(s) next to the list(s) you wish to import and then click the OK button. It's as simple as that.