Editing an Existing Spelling List

There may be times that you need to edit an existing list either to add more words to it, remove words from it or to change the recordings stored. To edit a previously created spelling list you click the "Edit a spelling list" button on SpellQuizzer's main screen. Doing this brings up the Select Spelling List to Edit screen. Once you have selected and opened a list to edit the words that are already in the spelling list are displayed in the list box on the left side of the screen. Click on a word in the list box to update that word. You can change whether or not it is considered case-sensitive for quizzing purposes, change the reminder phrase for the word (or add one if it doesn't have one) or change/add a sound recording for the selected word. Once changes have been made for the selected word click the "Update Word" button.

You can not change the spelling of a word in an existing list. If a word is spelled incorrectly then select the word in the list box and click the "Remove Word" button below the list. Then add the word back to the list as a new word by clicking the "Add new word" option button and entering the information for the word.

To add a new word to the list select the "Add a new word" option button and enter the information for that word. Use the Start, Stop and Play Back buttons to store a sound recording of the word. Then click the Add Word button.

Once you have finished making changes to the list click the OK button to save the changes.