Creating a Spelling List

The first thing most users will want to do after installing SpellQuizzer is create one or more spelling lists for the student. To do this click the "Create a spelling list" button on SpellQuizzer's main screen. You will be prompted to enter a name for the spelling list you wish to create. You can give a list any name you want. Some typical examples of list names would be "Week 1 List", "Unit 1 List", "Becky's List", etc.

Once you have entered a name and clicked the "Create List" button on the Create New Spelling List screen that was displayed you will see the Creating a List screen. There are two ways to add words to your list. You can manually add them one at a time (most often the case) or you can add several words to the list at once if they are already stored in the SpellQuizzer database. The first time you use SpellQuizzer there will be no words in the database so you will need to add the words you want manually.

Adding words one at a time:
To manually add a new word to your list, first make sure that the "Add new word" option is selected on the screen. Then do the enter the following information:

Repeat the above steps for each word you wish to have in the spelling list. Once words have been added to the list box on the left you can change the order you want them stored by selecting individual words in the list and clicking the "Move Down" and "Move Up" buttons located below the list. You can remove a word from the list by clicking the "Remove selected word" button.

If you want the words to be presented to the student in a random order when the student is quizzed then check the "Randomize list when testing" box at the top of the screen. SpellQuizzer will then change the order in which it presents the words each time a student is quizzed.

Once all the words have been added to the list click the OK button at the bottom of the screen to save the list. Clicking the Cancel button or pressing the Escape key on your keyboard will result on the list being abandoned without being saved.

Adding existing words from the SpellQuizzer database:
You may wish to create a review spelling list for the student to quiz them on selected past spelling words from previous lists. Or you may simply wish to include a few old spelling words in a new spelling list. To add words from previous lists to the new spelling list click the "Click to select existing words from database" button near the top of the screen. This will bring up the Add Words from Database Screen. The screen will have a list of words from existing lists that are stored in the SpellQuizzer database. Simply check the boxes beside the words you wish to add to your list and then click the OK button.